Monday, April 15, 2013

The disappearing act...I'm so good at it!

Hey everyone, sorry again for another disappearing act. A lot has happened, I've been trying to start a healthy lifestyle by exercising and developing good eating habits. I've actually been really good at the whole exercising thing, last week I exercised for over 6 hours. Developing good eating habits...ahh I could do a whole lot better. If you want me to blog about that on top of makeup I can do that:) It'll for sure hold me accountable.

Also I've been pretty accident prone. The last three weeks I cut my finger by bringing down boxes to recycle, smashed it the next day while exercising with weights at the gym = infected finger! I actually had to go to the doctor to get it sliced and drained. It was a slow healing process and at one point I thought I had to see the doctor to get it drained again but it healed on its own:) Exactly one week of getting my finger drained I got stung by a bee on the arch of my foot, first time every getting stung by a bee! So that's what I've been doing lately, I've also developed an addiction to gaming, especially with Candy Crush. SoOoO bad, I can spend hours and $ paying that game. I also developed bad sleeping patterns. I would rather spend the time and $ doing something productive like blogging. That's why I jumped on to the blogger bandwagon again. Look forward to upcoming posts:)

At the Doctor's office, soaking my finger in iodine before he drains it:(

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