Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review | Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

Hi everyone, today's post is going to be a review on Covergirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in Golden Tan. This foundation has been raved by almost all of of the youtube gurus confirming the longevity of this product. This totally got my interest because I'm always on the hunt for long lasting foundation especially if it's drugstore. Found my color match by looking up gurus that have similar skintones to me and decided to go with Golden Tan. Upon discovering my color I searched my local drugstores for it. It was difficult because living in Hawaii we receive new products fairly late and I discovered that less than half of the drugstores carried the Outlast foundation and the drugstores that do were completely out of Golden Tan. I was consistently checking every week for three weeks and I gave up and decided to purchase it online. I purchased it through Drugstore ($8) and just received it a couple of days.

The foundation is encased in a glass tube with a plastic pump and cover. One pump of foundation was enough to cover my whole face. It applied well, creamy consistency. Golden Tan is a little light for me but do-able. It has a satin finish, very natural looking. Although it states a primer, foundation and concealer is in the product, the product didn't cover my dark under eye circles well.  I applied it at 9am and lasted for 5-6 hours before I could see my oil breaking through the foundation. By 5pm the oil on my face won the battle. No powdering was done to test the longevity of the foundation.

Although the foundation didn't last the 12 hours that it promised I'm still happy with my purchase. I know that not many foundations can battle it out with my skin type so having this foundation last more than 5 hours is good. It doesn't perform better than my Estee Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Light but its redeeming quality is the price tag. I will be purchasing this foundation in the future and recommend it.

Covergirl 3 in 1 in Golden Tan, 1 pump applied with stippling brush

After 8 hours of wear, oils won the battle

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mani Monday | Zoya (Pixie Dust) - Stevie

Hi everyone today's Mani Monday is featuring Zoya's Stevie from their Pixie Dust Collection. The Pixie Dust Collection is described to be textured, matte, and stunning. It's suppose to be used on its own, that means no base coat or top coat. Instructions are use apply thin coats and allow each coat to completely dry before applying next coat. The final product should take approximately 10 minutes to dry. The only polish that I picked up from the Pixie Dust Collection is Stevie.

Stevie is a cool toned lavender with silver reflective glitters/shimmers. It applied opaque in two coats and I applied a total of two coats. Application was great, no streaking and it applied even. I thought I would be bothered by the texture of the polish because I'm not a fan of glitter polishes but this was ok! Surprisingly it didn't drive me bonkers maybe because the texture wasn't too bad. It reminds of fine sand paper.

It wore three days before I starting to see some wear on the ends of my nails and its to be expected because there were no base coat or top coat to aid in the wear of the polish. The removal of the polish was similar to a glitter was a pain! but it was worth it:)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mario Badescu Samples

Hi everyone, I received my Mario Badescu product samples a couple of days ago and I wanted to show you the items I got. First of all, I've always wanted to try Mario Badescu products for the longest time (even before it was offered through Nordstrom) but I've put it to the side because I'm trying to get through the mountain of products that I already have. Hearing the raves about their products from Youtube Gurus got me interested again so I went to their site and filled out a questionnaire so I could do research on the type of products that they would recommend for my skin type and concerns.

A couple of days after doing the questionnaire, I received an email from them asking if I would like to try some samples of the products that were recommended to me...WHY OF COURSE! I thought it would take some time for the products to get to me because I didn't pay a penny for the samples. So I thought it would be shipped the slowest method but nope, I received it about a week after I replied to their email.

Here are the samples that I received for my oily skin...

- Enzyme Cleansing Gel
- Special Cucumber  Lotion
- Buttermilk Moisturizer
- Hyaluronic Eye Cream
- Seaweed Night Cream
- Flower & Tonic Mask
- Drying Cream
- Kiwi Face Scrub

 They even personalized the instructional pamphlet for me! Very nice:) This is the first ever that a company has given out samples with getting nothing immediately in return. To me it shows that they have faith in their products working. I'll let you know which products I'll be purchasing as soon as I form an opinion. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mani Monday | Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles

Hi everyone, today's Mani Monday post is on Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles. The two that I have are Pixie Pink and Gummy Green. I purchased them from Walmart, it was $4-$5. I bought this right after Crystal007 introduced her finds through her channel. I immediately went out to look for them and found them at my Walmart.  

The two polishes that caught my eye were Gummy Green and Pixie Pink. I did want to purchase more but was hesitant to because I'm not a big fan of glitter nail polishes (hence why you always see creme type of nail polishes). 
 Both of the nail polishes applied unevenly, not just the glitter particles but the polishes themselves. I had to apply about three coats of polish for it to look even. The manicures lasted two days before I saw chipping on the tips. I did apply the usual base coat and top coat. I'm disappointed because I can usually go for four/five days with most nail polishes because it starts to show some wear.

Overall, these polishes were fun to play with especially since I purchased them right when spring came. It got a lot of compliments but I wasn't impressed with the application and stay of the polishes. It was also difficult to remove the polishes, reminding me why I'm ever so loyal to my creme polishes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review | Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask

Hi everyone, today's post is going to be on Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask ($29.95, 2 fl oz.). I purchase this on Cyber Monday because of the 60% off that Sibu was having. I've used Sibu products for some time and I didn't see this on their website, I'm guessing its a new product. One of my favorite youtubers is Uppiesbeads59, also known as Crazy Miss Tammy. She's constantly masking and she inspired me to purchase this product, especially with 60% off!

This mask claims to.....
1) Purifies and refreshes skin
2) Helps slough off dead skin cells evenly
3) Reveals a fresh, youthful radiance

I applied a thin layer to my face, carefully avoiding the eye area. I had it sit on my face for 7 minutes and rinsed it away with lukewarm water. It states for best results, use 1x a week. After applying a thin layer (need half a quarter size for entire face) I noticed a slight tightening effect a minute after applying but it seemed like the tightening effect didn't continue on. I noticed some small exfoliating beads in the mask which was nice especially when I had to remove the mask. After my first use, I didn't notice anything. I've continued to use this product and haven't seen any huge improvements in my skin.

My cousin who has a complete different skin chemistry than me adores this product. She has dry skin (I have oily/combo) and she says after using this mask her skin feels smoother and clearer.

Overall, I'm not going to repurchase the product. It wasn't a complete miss seeing that I didn't have any adverse affects so I'll be finishing up the product but I'm not going to repurchase it. I'm glad that I purchased it when I did because I would be upset paying full price for a product that doesn't perform.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Haul | Wet N' Wild Megalast lipsticks

Hi everyone, here's a haul on my last purchase. I purchased these via Drugstore when they had a promo, buy one get one 50% off. It ended up being $1.50 each. I've only swatched them across my lips to see how it'll look but didn't wear them so can't do a review on them yet. I must say that dry lips must avoid these lipsticks but they're creamy and pigmented. Out of the two, I like the Mauve Outta Here lipstick.

Makeup for Pic ID

Hi everyone, today's post will be on makeup for a picture ID. I had to renew my license and I had to think about what kind of makeup I was going to do and I thought this would be a great post. Since I didn't know what time of the day I'd be renewing my license I thought it would be best to wear a mattifying foundation (I usually do anyway). For people who has normal/combo skin I suggest you look into wearing a long wearing/mattifying foundation. We don't want a shiny face that we need to look at for atleast 5 years! The foundation that I wore was Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation in Honey Beige.

I did my regular contour and blush but applied it a bit heavier than I usually do so it'll be noticeable in the picture. I skipped the highlight in case I do look oily (despite my efforts not to). For my eyes, I used a black eyeshadow base and applied Mac's Satin Taupe on the lid, Mac's Soft Brown in the crease and Mac's Blanc Type as a highlighter.  For lips, I use Mac's Mocha and Mac's Plushglass in Wildly Lush.

Despite my efforts, there was a shine on my face it probably was because the camera wasn't the best and print out too. Hope these tips will help you in your future picture IDs:)