Thursday, March 21, 2013

Organization & Storage | Lipsticks, Lipglosses, etc.

Hi everyone, today's post will be my organizational method for storing my lip products. Since this year I vowed to use products up I think it'll be wise if I actually knew what I would be working with (the only lip products I've purchased this year was from my previous post) and organize them in a way that would help me use my products up. When I gathered up all of my lip products, I was surprised I had so much. I had more than what my storage container would allow and since I didn't want to purchase another container I had to work with what I got.

I got this container from my local Ben Franklin and I was previously using it. I thought I had about 3-4 more lip products hanging about that and that I had enough room to squeeze them in there but I was wrong, so wrong. Since I'm pretty familiar with what type of Mac lipsticks and glosses I have I decided to organize them.

Left: Non-everyday use lipsticks
Middle: Everyday use lipsticks
Right: Glosses

The rest of the lip products are put in a separate cosmetic bag. I need to go through which products I'll be keeping or will be giving away.

This was a real eye opener because of all of the makeup products I would think I wouldn't have this much lip products primarily because I don't like the residue of lipsticks and lipglosses on cups, I hardly venture far from nudes, and I've never run out of a lipstick/lipgloss. Oh what a dose of reality.

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