Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughts: Ebay for Mac makeup

Hi everyone! So I randomly searched ebay for some mac makeup because I have a lot of products that I haven't touched and I want to get rid off and wanted to search ebay to see what kind of items are out there. Now, previously I've bought mac products and received authentic makeup. There's just once that I received a fake item and it was a Mac 187 brush.

So imagine my expression when I saw the search results. There were mac pigments named after eyeshadows. Swimming pigment? That was never released, Swimming is a eyeshadow. Mac 12/18/32 piece brush sets? Mac hardly does full size brush sets, they mostly do SE (special edition) brush sets which they release during the holiday season and they're travel size.

This just blows my mind. Please people, do your research before purchasing any makeup on ebay. Now, I'm doubting selling my makeup via ebay.

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