Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sorry I've been MIA it's been hectic here. Rearranging my home and cleaning because a college friend was visiting Maui for the first time. I took her whale watching, beach, and to a lavender farm. After she left I had to rush and go through my parents taxes and get them in order so it could be done. So things are finally settling down and I can get back to blogging. Here are some pictures from this past weekend.

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Emily Meyers said...

hey shayna! jus found your cute blog and gladly added myself to your followers! I’d love to have you stop by and say hi aswell! Also I’ll leave the link to a big international Juicy Couture GIveaway I’m having, in case you’re interested!:)

Hope to see you there, and thanks so much beautiful!!
Xo, Emily

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