Friday, March 30, 2012

Review | Wet N' Wild - I need a refresh-mint

So I absolutely needed to paint my nails because it's been awhile since I painted them. When my nail was starting to reach a decent length another nail broke! It happened when was helping my dad carry closet doors at Home Depot. So I cut them really short and painted them:)

So I have I need a refresh-mint on my nails and it applied opaque in 2 coats. Of course the brush is always a nuisance but I made do. The color reminds me of China Glaze, for Audrey and will do a comparison soon. The mint green creme color is perfect for spring. It lived up to its 5 day claim of being chip free. The picture of nails bring chipped is at day 6.

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KrySTYLES said...

I've seen G from Nouveaucheap post swatches of both side by side and they look exactly alike! I wanted to pick this up but I'll wait since i still have my for Audrey.