Monday, January 11, 2010

Money Saving Tips on Makeup?

Yes, money saving tips on makeup DOES exist. Here are a few tips that I used lots in 2009. First, I recommend making an attainable budget and some rules. This year my budget is $600. Some people might be 'that's a lot of money' but during the holiday season which is where most of the purchasing occurs it's really little. For example a Mac eyeshadow palette is $36, I got two of those in 2009 which brings it to $72...which is 12% of my budget. It adds up really here are some tips.

- For drugstore makeup, buy it when its on sale. Buy a lot when it’s a really good sale. No brainer right?

- For staple items wait for those friends and family sale on Sephora (ex: moisturizers, favorite blush & eyeshadow) It’s common knowledge that Sephora has these; one at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year. If you really go through them, then buy more.

- Combine with family and friends on a order to take advantage of free shipping. Sephora has free shipping after $50 purchase. Regular shipping is $5.99, so its like $5.99 saved

-Also check Temptalia’s website who posts deals on her website.

- Use websites like temptalia’s and makeupalley for their reviews on products. I personally like going to makeupalley for reviews and temptalia’s for swatches and she also mentions dupes for new products that are coming out. If its a good product then I'll actually make a purchase.

The only Mac collection that I'm actually looking forward for is Mac's Spring Colour Forecast which comes out February 11, 2010. Is it only me that thinks that those pigments are from leftovers from when Mac decreased the pigment size? I don't see unique colors and they don't have any names!

Let's try to name them...Shimmertime, Rose, Lovely Lily, & Grape? The mid-tone rose doesn't look familiar to me but it might be because I don't pay much attention to that shade. It doesn't look good on me...well majority of the time it doesn't show up.


KiLLaCaM said...

awesome post! the new piggies look interesting!

yummy411 said...

so proud of you for sticking to your budget. i like to read beauty blogs and see what they have to say on about a product ;)

kailash said...

If you want to save money on your beauty ! here are some more tips