Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year, 10 days late...2010

Hello everyone, sorry that I neglected this blog but life just gets busier at the end of the year especially with finals. So let's move on to the good! The beginning of 2009, one of my new year's resolution is to spend less on makeup, so I set my budget to $1000. This excludes cosmetics as gifts for people, skincare, and items bought with gift cards. I'm proud to say that I spent approximately $700, yay! So my 2010 goal is $600, same rules apply. I'm contemplating on adding skincare to the budget but I can't compromise on skincare; its a NEED not a WANT. Well, that's what I keep telling myself. I'll keep track on what I spend on skincare just to see how much I spend on it; I know its less than makeup. Here's a picture of my annual Christmas get-together with my buddies, its tradition.

Next post will be on money saving tips on makeup!

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yummy411 said...

yay! happy new year. i was thinking about you this week... thinking i needed to hit you up and see if you were still around hehe. hope you had a great holiday!!