Thursday, November 5, 2009

FOTD: Green brings out the Browns Eyes

So here's the makeover that I did look on my cousin, Shari, I took this picture off her facebook because I didn't have time to take pics of her using my camera. Her favorite color is purple but I already decided I was doing that color on me! lol! But greens look great with her eyes. Her eyes aren't a dark brown like mines but milk chocolate brown which are surrounded by natural curled full and long eyelashes how I envy her! I used one of my all time favorite green combination. I've been using this particular combination for years. She even got complemented on her makeup at the studio talk:) She of course told them it was my doing. Her face was redone at the Mac Studio Talk because she got matched for a Mac foundation that's why its not contoured in this picture.

Soft Ochre (lid)
Juxt (inner corner)
Swimming (lid)
Soft Brown (crease)
Velvet Moss (crease)
Blanc Type (highlight)