Sunday, July 12, 2009

Haul of Red Cherry Lashes

So since I got the gig for the wedding *claps* I had to purchase more false eyelashes. The brands that I've tried are Makeup Forever, Mac, Red Cherry, and Model 21. The cheapest of the bunch is Model 21 (Korean brand?) that I bought from eBay. There's 10 pairs of lashes for about $12 (including shipping). I think these lashes are great for personal use, to wear a handful of times. The tracks (base of eyelashes) are thin and kind of flimsy so it might be difficult to apply on other people. Since that tracks are also thin it's difficult to clean in between uses. I do like the fact that the tracks are black instead of clear.

Makeup Forever and Mac is too expensive to add to my kit. So I turned to Red Cherry lashes which I've worn before. I'm also pretty comfortable applying it because the tracks is pretty much up to par with Mac. So I saw a post by Makeup by RenRen and she mentioned a new website that sells Red Cherry lashes for an affordable price, $1.49 a pair. Also shipping is cheap, and they have a free shipping offer when purchasing for $30.

Here are the lashes that I purchased from them. I ordered 18 lashes, 8 for my sister and the rest are mine. So here are pictures of each lash that was ordered. I tried searching online for pictures of different red cherry lashes but they were a bit difficult to find. I didn't like the pictures on the website because they didn't seem like true photos. Majority of the lashes that were purchased are meant to be daily wearable lashes.

Favs: #747s, #213, #1, #138, #42 and #205


Pop Champagne said...

wow those lashes are cheap! Meh I really can't tell the diff between Mac eyelashes vs other brand's when people have them on anyways so hey whatever gets the job done right? ;) I love the top middle one, it's so thick and full looking! And you HAVE to post pics of your rabbit, I want to see him!!

mynameisROTH said...

Thanks for the website! I just ordered 20 pairs for myself. Cheaper than those Ardell lashes at the drugstores. lol :]

yummy411 said...

i love red cherry lashes!

LiyahGotStyle said...

Which lashes are third in the bottom row of the bottom picture? I came across your blog on google images and fell in love with those..I know it has been years but If you know the number I'd greatly appreciate it!

Distinque said...

LiyahGotStyle: Hey I believe they're Bliss #43. Thanks for stopping by.