Friday, July 10, 2009

Bride's Photoshoot

So the bride to be, hired me to another gig the past Sunday. She had a photoshoot at 7am and she had to be at that location at that time so my job started at 5:45am! It's okay I'm an early bird anyway but not that early. Her outfit was a white tank top dress with a black skirt. She had asked what color eyeshadows would look good and I suggested purple, greens and grays. Purples and greens always look good on anyone. Blues are great for brown eyes but I prefer to work with bright and dark blues and I knew she wouldn't feel comfortable wearing those colors. She chose gray and because it's an early photoshoot I wanted to use warm colors in the crease. Plus, she's not accustomed to wearing alot of makeup so I didn't want to go drastic on the eyes.

I know that the right side is darker than the left but she was standing next to a door leading to the backyard so sunlight was shining bright on the left side. Also, she has some scarring on her left temple leading to her eyelid from a car accident. I've use two bases but the skin on the eyelid wasn't taking too much of the eyeshadow color. So that's something I need to figure out. Some advice would be great though!

Pixel Paint
Krisp e/s
Smoke & Diamonds e/s
Soft Brown e/s
Brown Script e/s
Bateau e/s
Blanc Type e/s
Benefit Brow Zing
Clear Brow Set

If I had to redo the look I would add lashes (she's not accustomed to it and she wears contacts so she didn't want to deal with it), add more eyeliner for top and bottom (she's not to keen to heavy eyeliner) and I would use a matte nude lipstick with some shine. She chose Mousse slimshine which was her sister's. It was my first time using slimshine and I'm not to impressed by them. It seems like the staying power is drastically reduced because of the shine, which I think is a bit too much.

Looking through wedding makeup pictures, the eye makeup is very simple using warm and natural colors. I really suggest using a heavy smudge eyeliner to really make the eyes pop. I'm not talking gothic but noticeable! Lashes I believe are a must! It can be taken off after the picture taking and ceremony.


becky said...

I cant even tell or see that she has scarring. She looks very beautiful and you did a good job.

Stephie said...

you did a great job ate!!! can't wait to see more!

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

so prettty :)) you did a great job