Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mac Haul

So I received my order from Mac the same day I received my Red Cherry lashes. I miss receiving presents in the mail. So here are the items I purchased...

Color Craft
- Warm Blend
- Assemblage
- Natural Flare

Other Items
- Small/Big Sharpener
- Bamboo e/s pan
- Stars N' Rockets e/s pan

I went to my Mac counter but the Color Craft Collection wasn't ready to be on display. But I've done some research and looked at swatches and to be honest this collection isn't was I thought it would be. Majority of the blushes have this frosty finish which would look unappealing on my NC44 skin. I like the first batch of Mineralize Blushes that were released last year. I feel that collection was for everyone. I'm tempted to get Porcelain Pink MSF but c'mon that will not show on me! I just want it because it's a collectors item. I have my makeover tomorrow and I'll be able to look at the products more and play with them. I'm not sure if I'll have my MUA use the mineralize eyeshadows from the Color Craft because the color payoff and pigmentation isn't there.

1 comment:

yummy411 said...

nice haul. so you aren't happy with the payoff and pigmentation of the mineralized eye shadows that you have? i haven't tried mine in natural flare yet.