Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Color Craft is available to purchase online NOW!

So I checked the mac cosmetic wesite and the Color Craft Collection is up! It's set to release in stores this Thursday, July 9th but my store usually gets their collection late by a week or so. So I ordered items that I know I'll be getting for sure. So I picked up Natural Flare, Assemblage, and Warm Blend. The rest I'm going to wait till I see it in person because with majority of mineralize products it does tend to have too much glitter/shimmer to it. It's a real big collection so I plan to use some gift cards that I've been racking up and get myself a makeover :) Don't you love it when someone else does your makeup? I love doing makeovers more so than putting makeup on myself.

My next post will feature a look that I did on the bride to be. She had hired me to do her makeup for a photoshoot with her fiancee last Sunday at 5:45am!

Are you excited about the Color Craft Collection?


yummy411 said...

kinda excited. love the promo pics.

more excited to see more of your work!!

Pop Champagne said...

oooh yes I am! And I'm loving their new ad ;)

yummy411 said...

shayna, hmmmmm no i haven't dealth with scarring. however, i would probably base the heck out of that area, reinforcing color to force it to show up. it reminds me of having my recessed dark circles that actually causes shadows. i just put a thick concealer under there to remove the appearance of the area being so deep and to brighten it.

let me know how you worked with this obstacle!