Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging but school is almost coming to an end so the rush of exams before FINALS has thrown me in a hole and my mommie came down to visit me:) She came to actually take some of my things back home to make the move a bit easier. So I knew I had to do majority of my computer assignments before her arrival because she's absolutely hooked on Korean Drama. She watched Stairway to Heaven and since then she's been hooked. My dad had to hide his laptop just so she can go to sleep at a decent time. So during her stay, she watched One Litre of Tears...a Japanese film, another great movie. If anyone knows of any good Asian films that I could watch online let me know!

I took her to an orchid farm here because she loves to collect orchids especially the ones that are rare. Asatsuka Orchid Farm provided some really nice and rare orchids. It's a huge farm, 44 acres with 15 greenhouses. My mom and I actually got to meet the owner who had wrap the orchids securely and safely in a box so that when my mom travels back home none of the pretty flowers would be injured.

Here's a picture of my mom with some Queen Volcano orchids. Yep she purchased one of these. I think with all the pretty orchids here she's going to be visiting me more often. lol

So I just wanted everyone to know that I'm alive and that I'll be back to blogging business very soon. I already have some product reviews in the works and a little haul to share.

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