Thursday, April 30, 2009

Haul but they were good deals!

So I know from previous post that I didn't buy makeup for 30 days. Well this week I broke it! but hey they're on sale I had to get them. So I bought two new Opi polishes both (60% off); Opi's the "IT" color and Nicole Alert. Very bright funky colors that ended to be $7 for both of them. So the makeup I purchased was a Stila eyeshadow duo in Borealis already in refillable compact (FOTD here) sorry I had put Fandango but it's actually Borealis I already edited the post. So why do I need another one? Well I really like the eyeshadow and my roommate and I were trying to shove it in the compact palette which it doesn't fit into FYBoldI. So it cracked:( so I bought another one already in a refillable compact for $9.99 including shipping & handling. awesome deal right! especially since it retails for $20 and $2 for the compact. So my last item is a Lancome eyeshadow palette that I purchased from MelforMakeup. The eyeshadow palette features brown and bronze eyeshadows, perfect for Summer. So it ended up being $9 + $3 for S&H. So a total of $12. Another great deal! So where am I in this budget? $329 total. Not too bad right? My next haul won't be till Style Warriors from Mac comes out which is like late May, I already have a list of items im interested in.

**Sorry no pics of the nailpolishes, my mom already took them home for me:)

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