Friday, May 1, 2009

Beauty Must-Have: Eyelash Curler

Beauty Must-Haves, a monthly series featuring a beauty product that I think is an absolute must have (in no particular order). Very similar to product reviews but these products are MUST-HAVES so expect high ratings on these babies. It may include beauty tools and limited edition products featured in the latest collections. So enjoy my new beauty must have series!

Beauty Must-Have: Eyelash Curler
So another must have that every beauty addict needs is a good eyelash curler. A look wouldn’t be complete till you have those lashes curled and up feathering around your eyes. Now, if your lashes are naturally curled..kudos for you but some other beauty addicts like me aren’t as fortunate. Actually, I have those stick straight asian lashes, the ones that go straight after a couple hours from curling them and applying mascara. So that’s why a good eyelash curler is a must.

Now I know that Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is the Mercedes Benz of all eyelash curlers. I tried it and it was okay. I had a Shiseido eyelash curler and that’s okay too but the eyelash curler that my lashes have been loving is the Japonesque Power Curl lash (retails at $16.50). I’ve never used any eyelash curler since then except for the Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler .

Now here’s the absolute best part, are you ready!!

Japonesque guarantees free replacement pads on all of their eyelash curlers (that use a pad of course) for life! Now what company does that? You have She Uemura whose eyelash curler is even more costly than Japonesque but the company doesn’t even sell individual replacement pads. I believe the curler comes with a pad attached and (1) replacement pad; but no replacement pad refills can be brought from the company. I’ve heard that Shiseido’s replacement pad refills fits the Shu Uemura but not to perfection. They retail for $5.00 for (2) replacement pads.

Yes I’ve already tested their guarantee; and within 10 days I received 2 replacement pads and a Thank You Card from Japonesque. I paid for nothing! Not even the shipping. How awesome is that. A great curler with free replacement pad refills for life. Who would pass that offer up!

Hope you enjoyed my beauty must have!

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Jennnyy. said...

Hello, new follower here :)

That guarantee certainly is one of a kind. :) I might have to invest in one of these eyelash curlers. I, too, am cursed with the straight Asian eyelashes. D: