Friday, February 6, 2009

Tutorial: 2008 Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Another tutorial! I'm on a roll. These past tutorials, (where you hear the frogs in the background) were from last year, November. Some I haven't edited yet so I might as well put it to use. I also have some videos uploaded on YouTube so I'll feature them here since majority of you don't know I have a YouTube:P. I'lll be using blogger to upload my videos from now on because I figure less haters? and the video can only me seen from this site.

I don't know how often I'll be posting videos because 1) it takes time to edit 2) I have no control over the noises going on in my apt structure and nearby ones (it can get real loud) 3) it takes FOREVER to upload videos through blogger.

This look is from the 2008 Warm Eyeshadow Palette. A great everyday look, not dramatic...easy on the eyes look. Grand Entrance, the dark green eyeshadow, had really poor pigmentation so I used Velvet Moss instead.

Let me know if you prefer video or pic tutorial in the comment section Thanks!

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