Monday, February 9, 2009

Latest Obsession: Mac Paints!

So my latest obsession has been Mac Paints! This HAS to happen AFTER Mac starts discontinuing all the colored one. This is such a typical thing of me to do though:( So this is my Mac Paint haul over the past 2-3 weeks except for the case of Base Light which I got a long time ago. I actually have a total of 10 paints. I have 5 of them at home (Tan Ray, Art Jam, Still Life, Mauvism, Chartru) and the 5 pictured with me at college.

Paint pots...I was all over them! I have like 12? but after re-organizing my collection I noticed that my Moss scape paint pot had completely dried out..wth! I've only used it 2x and I always make sure all the caps are twisted shut. I've also noticed that the paint pots that are matte like Painterly and all my Alexander McQueen paint pots are starting to come off the sides of the jar which means that it's losing it's creamy-ness(such a word?). So unless Mac is jamming out some unbelievable paint pot colors I won't be purchasing till then.

Moving on to Mac paints. My oldest paint is Tan Ray, I've had it for atleast 4 years and till this day it is crazy creamy.

All colors except Base Light are discontinued. I saw Flammable on eBay running around $40.00 and that is the only Flammable I saw too. Blueboy and Matisserie are the hardest Mac Paints to find. I believe that they were are the first paints released around 2000. A mac manager didn't even know that Blueboy existed!
Matisserie..gorgeous matte color. See how creamy it is?
Flammable, finally got my hands on this. Look how putting a cream color like Your Ladyship pigment over Flammable paint completely alters the look? Looks hot!
Blueboy, the blue paint ...I had expected a matte blue:( kind of disappointed in this one.

Don't want to release too much info on Mac paints because I want to do a formal review on them:)

Anyone experiencing problems with their paint pots?

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