Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello Kitty Collection, Swatches & Review

So it's here, Hello Kitty! Finally the wait is over, I've heard of this collection back in Summer 2008. Needless to say I've been waiting for a long time. I'm sure everyone has done their homework and read other beauty addicts blogs for their reviews and swatches. So here's my review on it.

This collection actually launched for special unveiling parties in some Mac Freestanding Stores on Feb 5th. It officially launched on on the 9th and majority of the Mac locations had it on the 10th. It's official date is today (Feb 12th). Since I had already made an appointment with my favorite MUA at my local Mac on the 21st some of the products are on hold. The rest of the products I ordered online on the 9th and I'll expecting it very soon (later on this afternoon actually).

Although the collaboration between Hello Kitty and Mac got me extremely excited because I'm a collector and I heart the two brands. In the end the Collection was OKAY. The main reason why I even purchased the products was because of the special packaging. Vanessa mentioned that Hello Kitty's original color theme would have been a bigger hit. I totally agree, I'm not digging this contemporary look with the dark packing. Wouldn't it be awesome if it was the fire engine red packaging? with the white cat?

All swatches are courtesy of KarlaSugar, she takes awesome swatches!
* sorry I'm still working on my swatching skills *

Too Dolly: Three (Yogurt [Perm], Romping [C-Shock], Stately Black [Holiday Metallic 2007]) out of the four eyeshadows have been repromoted or from the regular line. I actually have those three already but this palette suits my taste more than the Lucky Tom. Too Dolly, the teal, is a looker but not a shiner. Of the two eyeshadow palettes, I picked up this one.

Lucky Tom: Two (Cream Royale [Holiday Metallic 2007] & Paradisco [Perm]) out of the four eyeshadows have been repromoted or from the regular line. Stylin', dark matte purple, is also a looker but a close dupe is violet trance from Pandamonium. Lucky Tom, dark chocolate brown, is also a nice color but nothing amazing because in the end it's kind of chalky.

Glitter eyeliners: I have glitterliners that I have not even touched so I paid no attention to these. It looks like Mac has improved their formula for these though. I think that it's safe to say that it's something to skip over especially since there's no special packaging.

Lipglasses: The lip products are the shiners in this collection. The lipglasses are nice, some colors has already been seen but I'm sure there's atleast one lipglass out there for everyone. The lipglasses I think that are going quick are She Loves Candy, Sweet Strawberry and Mimmy. I got She Loves Candy and Fast Friends.
Lip Conditioners: Popster, a nice coral/salmon color, will look great on medium to dark complexion. A great everyday grabber. For those with lighter complexion I recommend Pink Fish. The two lip conditioners are great colors, I believe that these will go out fast too.

Lipsticks: I think that some of the lipsticks in this collection are fun, some wearable. The fun lipsticks include Fashion Mew, Big Bow, and Strayin. Depending on how adventurous you are, those colors to me are not the daily go to lipsticks. The more wearable ones are Most Popular, Fresh Brew, and Cute-ster. Cute-ster is pretty sheer though, and the rest are pretty pigmented. I got Most Popular.

Beauty Powders: It doesn't even show up when I personally swatched it in Macy's. Don't get me wrong I know the purpose of beauty powders, it's just to give that hint of something. Other beauty powders like Smooth Harmony from Heatherette actually had pigmentation, but these beauty powders lacked in it. I skipped these, although I was really tempted just because of the packaging and the Hello Kitty Emblem pressed on to the powder.

Blushes: Nothing amazing in here. Colors that Mac has been continuously promoting in almost every collection. The pigmentation also lacked in the blushes. I'm saving my money for Grand Duos!

Accessories: The packaging is ok?like I mentioned previously but I did pick up a medium makeup bag just because the interior. Hello Kitty and Mac printed over pink satin, a downfall.

Overall: I guess because I've been a collector for years I'm just tired of seeing the same stuff being put out. I can understand why newbies are all over it but Mac could have done a better job. I think that Fafi and Barbie outshines this collection, sadly to say because I really wanted this one to leave a big dent in Mac history but to me it just left a scratch. It's nothing to go bankrupt over, although I've already seen $1,000+ hauls.

What did you pick up from HK?


Jenn said...

Yeah, it seems like the whole HK collection was kinda overhyped. I mean sure, everyone lots hello kitty, but i guess in the end the colors are nothing special. I was excited about the collection too, but now that I think about it, I'll just save my money :)

GirlAboutTown said...

sadly, im a newbie all in the hype...and i really didnt like the beauty powders either...sigh i bought two of them...and...they really dont show on my skin!