Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's your weakness?

So every makeup junkie has a weakness towards atleast one product. What's mines? !E-Y-E-S-H-A-D-O-W-S! I absolutely love them. Majority of the fun in makeup concentrates on the eyes because that's the only place where you can get really creative and with any color. I mean how creative can you get with applying foundation? See my point. A close second is MSFs! I don't collect lipsticks or glosses.

Eyeshadows, who doesn't love them?! There are so many colors to chose from and from there different finishes. Last time I checked I had atleast 200 MAC eyeshadows and that calculation was done 1-2 years ago. I'm a sucker for palettes, especially palettes with special packaging. If the palettes are the same throughout the collection then one palette will do, I won't get all of the palettes...are you nuts?! This weakness does come with a pricey downfall for example with the Dame Edna Collection I got the palette solely because of the packaging. The eyeshadows themselves were...OKAY but nothing amazing. Since I have many eyeshadows I'm being more picky with my selection. Hence why I skipped all of the eyeshadows from BBR. For the upcoming Hello Kitty Collection, I'm so DISAPPOINTED that many of the eyeshadow colors are repromotes. For one of the eyeshadow quads I have 3 out of the 4 eyeshadows. Damn them!

Here are some pictures of my favorite holiday eyeshadow palettes from Mac. The best smokey eye palette premiered last year. I had compared the eyeshadows in this palette to the Smoke Signals quads and they are very comparable...seeing that two eyeshadows from the quads are in this palette hah! As for warm eyes I think 2006 warm eyeshadow palette takes the cake. For the cool eyeshadow palette I think the 2008 and 2007 are awesome. So every year they have a smokey, warm, cool and 'something different' (ex: Metallic, Intense, Classic) palette. So for the 'something different ' palette it goes to the 2007 metallic eyeshadow palette (sorry no pic, I left it at home!), really nice dark smokey colors.

^^no flash

Mineralize Skinfinishes, I think they are probably one of the most sought out for product for collectors. The veining and the shimmer is enough to keep me staring at it. I honestly don't use them much because I have some acne scarring on my cheeks and having shimmer over that area just ENHANCES the unevenness and scarring. Once my skin has calm down (if it ever does:( ) then of course I'll be putting my MSF to use but till then they are simply a collectors item in my bin.

I do not collect lipsticks or glosses because (1)they expire fast (2) I don't wear lipsticks that are out of the ordinary and (3) my lips are pretty full and I don't need any more attention to them. I like my beige nude and my pink nude lipsticks and that's about it. I really like to have my looks concentrating on the eyes so I usually tame that area down. I'm actually on a no buy lipstick/lipgloss hiatus right now and I'm only breaking the rules for Hello Kitty!

I somewhat splurge on blushes but since I have like 13+blushes I have yet to touch hence I'm on a hiatus on that too. My all time favorite blush is Afterdusk! which was released from the Moonbathe Collection in 2007. It also came with special packaging. I have like 2 backups of those babies and I still want more. Want to see yours?:)

I DO have a budget this year solely for makeup. Oh I'm in trouble.

So what's your weakness?!

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