Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FOTD: BBR Makeover + Review

So the latest collection that Mac has launched is Brunette Blond and Redhead (BBR). It's a collection that showcases certain colors per haircolor (natural haircolor of course). Does one necessarily have to stay within their hair color shade? NO! Mac has just picked the colors that will be more suiting in their opinion. I personally liked the certain shades from each haircolor. The ones that stood out to me were Henna(Brunette), French Cuff (Redhead) and 100 Stroke (Redhead).

Overall, the BBR Collection is very dupable especially since I'm a makeup fanatic and eyeshadow collector I have majority of the colors. If your still starting out this is certainly a collection to pay attention to. ALL the colors are pretty (but nothing amazing), suitable for everyone, and appropriate to use any time of day. These colors will be go-to colors because of those particular reasons. I hardly bust my Electric Eel (electric blue) yanno?!?

So I had my makeup done for the very first time by my favorite MUA at Mac near the college I attend. She's actually a manager. She's always been nice, friendly and she tunes me to what's going on with Mac. So I finally had time to get a makeover by her, might as well I knew I would be spending more than $50.
Studio Fix Fluid
Studio Fix Powder
Select Cover up
Brunette MSF
Blonde MSF
Bare Study paint pot
Vapour e/s
Knight e/s
Pincurl e/s
Top Knot e/s
Penultimate E/l
Dazzle lash Mascara
Smolder e/l

Creme D' Nude l/s
Icescape l/g
^^ I swear everything creases on me! This is just 1 after the makeup. Anyone knows of a really good eyeshadow base? Trust me I've tried many.

My roommate liked the outcome. He said 'it's very easy on the eyes, very soft'. LOL my own personal makeup critic huh?! I do agree with him, these colors are dark but with a light hand it can be suitable for the daytime use. It's very well blended; a nice soft smokey eye.
I personally like my makeup darker and not as blended(if that makes sense). I like to see a gradual gradient change is what I'm saying I guess.
What did I get?
- 226 brush
- 214 brush
- Brunette MSF
- Dark Mineral Skinfinish (contour)
I did pretty good huh?
What are your thoughts on the collection?


Livia said...

blonde msf makes your cheeks look so glowy! I'm still waiting for BBR to be launched in the UK in the next 2 weeks :(

LadyJane said...

Yes, I agree, it's a soft smokey eye! I like it! I dunno if I can handle another MAC makeover. The first and last time I had one the MUA made my face color much darker than my neck color - it was ridiculous.

Like you said, the BBR collection are definitely dupable, so I only picked up Femme Fi cause I'm absolutely in love with it - it just looks so plain now that it doesn't have the bright orange container from the SciFi collection hehe.