Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So I'm back to school now and everything is settled (well almost!). I had wanted to bring the subject of requests up because majority of my makeup is at my & sound...LOCKED in my drawers. Yes locked, I had my brother drill locks in my drawers so when I'm gone I won't have to sweat about it. I know, I'm nuts. So when the school year first started I had brought alot of makeup, more so than clothes to college. Carting it back and forth between islands...well it's a bitch! From my Thanksgiving break I had about 40 pounds of makeup that I had brought back. I also forgot about the purchasing that I did in college too. So the new makeup plus the makeup I brought to college was roughly 40 pounds. I didn't even use 1/4 of it too! I'm also scared that the airlines might lose my luggage which they did when flying back to college from my Thanksgiving break. Good thing they found it.

So lesson learned! I'm bringing the minimal there. So please no requests on using certain colors or palettes.

Ex: Smokey Eye using Mac's Swish eyeshadow
...use instead...
Ex: Smokey Eye using Pinks and Purples

A brief description I can do!

So what makeup am I bringing to school?

- My Holy Grail Quad (explain later)
- Coatal Scents Matte and Shimmer 88 eyeshadow palette (got this for xmas from my sister)
- Scandalous Eyeshadow Base (just got this!)
- Eyeliners and brushes
- A couple of Mac palettes (max is 3)
- Eyelashes! I need to know how to apply these on myself
I left some of my makeup in my apartment like my foundation, blushes and stuff.


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