Sunday, January 18, 2009

My HG Quad

In my previous post I had mentioned my HG(Holy Grail) Quad. What is a HG Quad? Well, it’s a quad that has four eyeshadows. These four eyeshadows are ones that I use in every seriously in every look. So let me present to you my HG quad!

Ricepaper: My go-to highlighter that matches every look and with any skin tone. I haven’t bought any highlighter shades since getting this!
Mac’s Description: Soft peachy gold with shimmer (frost)

Soft Brown: My diffuser color, Yummy411 had asked me what the diffuser technique that I had mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution post and that’s an upcoming post. It varies with each person because of their own skintone and personal preference.
Mac’s Description: Soft golden peachy-brown (matte)

Carbon: Like I need to explain this? Right!?!? Deepens any color and look
Mac’s Description: Intense Black (matte)

**Phloof: A great inner corner color. It just adds a pop of brightness to the look and it opens up the eye.
Mac’s Description: Frosted off-white (frost)

**I would have added a eyeshadow to match my eyebrows like Espresso which is a matte dark brown color. It’s not in there because there are many products like Benefit Brow Zing that I use time to time to fill in my eyebrows.

I would recommend everyone to make their own HG Quad. I decided to make one because I was tired of constantly looking through my 15 eyeshadow palettes just to find ricepaper or carbon. It’ s just easier and less time consuming to have it in a quad on top of my makeup counter. It’s also easier to travel with too.

So what makes up your HG Quad?

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yummy411 said...

cool quad. I almost have mine together (the quad) but Its mainly for the brows. I have an idea about what you may means about a diffuser tech/color. soft brown is a color I use with just about every look I do. it bases/layers with most of my crease colors..we call it our transition color. sounds about right? i'll check the other post to see if you gave the recipe for your fav brush cleaner.