Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to: Travel with Mac Eyeshadow Palettes

Morning Everyone! Look two posts in one day:P Nah, I had planned to post the product review on Urban Decay Eyeliners yesterday but since I'm using my laptop I don't have any great fonts on this and my brush with the "Distinque" isn't stored on here. So I spent a great deal of time last night looking for fonts and creating a new brush stamp. You like?

So this is a how to tutorial on how to pack your Mac Eyeshadow Palettes for traveling. As everyone knows I moved to Hilo because I'm attending University of Hawaii @ Hilo. So since I had a lot of packing to do I had to cut down on the makeup. I wanted to bring everything but I know realistically I couldn't since it costs $17 for a 2nd baggage check in now. So I just packed my eyeshadow palettes and my pigment samples in a tackle box!

Step 1: Lay eyeshadow palette in the middle of bubble wrap.

Step 2: Lay 2 layers of toilet paper on top of the eyeshadows. This is to prevent the eyeshadows from hitting the top of the palette cover in the midst of moving.

Step 3. Make sure that the palette is still able to close!

Step 4. Wrap the palette in the bubble wrap.

Step 6. Tada!

This is also a great way to pack quads too. Luckily I still had the boxes for the quads so I didn't need to use bubble wrap. The outcome was great. No broken eyeshadows, I had it packed in my laptop bag and I had it in the middle of my luggage with my fluffy pillow on top of it for extra cushion.

Hope this helps!

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yummy411 said...

great tips!! thanks!!! i hate when the shadows hit the top of the compact and get eye shadow dust every where! lol