Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Simply Naturals Swatches

So after a long and hard day at work 745a-515pm! I was welcomed home with 3 packages! So my first package was my order from Electric Cosmetics I had placed another with them when they had that Memorial Day Sale. My second package was my eBay order for some Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. My third order was from Simply Naturals! So after seeing the swatches and reading the review from Christiana's post on Simply Naturals I had to get a couple of these babies. So I ended up ordering 13 mineral eyeshadows from them. I'm so not visiting Christiana's blog anymore, I seem to be purchasing things left to right after [x]ing out of her blog. On a serious note I'm really thankful that Christiana is introducing these wonder mineral pigments to the world! A formal review on all three packages should be posted soon.

So here are the 13 mineral pigments that I ordered. It was applied dry over UDPP taken with Flash!

All of the pigments I must say are beautiful and very much pigmented! Like I said these pigments were applied dry over UDPP! The standouts to be were Flamingo, Wine and Cerulean.

Here's a picture of Cerulean, a really sparkly grayish-blue pigment. I took a picture of it from the side to show you how packed the 5 gram jar is. This is what you get for less than $2.00

They were also kind enough to give me gifts! 3 samples of their mineral pigments and small tube of their 4 in 1 makeup remover. Can't wait to sample these babies!

The reason why I'm really watching what I spend! I just bought me these wonderful Gucci shades...and a Juicy Couture bag (expecting it soon!)


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOo... look at all the pretty colors. ;) very prettty! :D their colors are awesome and pigmented huh!? :) hands down their store is in my TOP 3 fave pigment stores. ;)

Emilee @ GMM said...

Can't beat less than $2 a jar! I love how pigmented everything looks. Between you and Christiana, I might just have to get over my thing about loose powder and order some!

Lily said...

ooh caribbean looks really good!