Monday, June 2, 2008

Neo Sci-Fi Review and Other Collections

So overall I thought this collection is great for the majority of the consumers. I think it is very comparable to the Moonbathe collection that was lauched last year, late summer. This collection is more of the orange/brown tone and the Moonbathe ran more of the orange/red. I must admit I bought more than I wanted to solely because of the bright orange packaging.

I know that this review is late but I used everything from my Neo Sci Fi order and so I decided to do a post on it.

Sci-Fi-Delity Lipstick: I got this because I needed a lipstick from this collection lol. Like I said it goes back to the packaging! So I decided to get something that I wouldn't go for. So I heard that this is the 'transition' color to red and I still don't have the balls to put red lipstick on!

Soft and Slow Lipglass: I wanted this from the Blue Storm Collection but it ran out. It's like a nude plum/berry color.

Time & Space Eyeshadow: I actually really like this eyeshadow it look like caramel on my eyelids. I think everyone should get this baby!

Magnetic Fields Eyeshadow: A really rich brown eyeshadow with some silver shimmer. A great eyeshadow for a smokey brown look. Reminds me of rich coffee!

Spaced Out Blush: A great overall peachy blush but I think with my tan complexion it doesn't really show much on me. I think it'll compliment the light complexion ladies out there.

X-Rocks Blush: I used this as a contour blush because nothing else is doing the job well these days. I think I'm going to stock up on this baby.


Solar Fields was another collection that was lauched with the Neo Sci Fi collection and I passed up on these babies because I hate cunky pigments. I was recently introduced to finely milled mineral pigments for realllll cheap. It's like why should I pay $19.50 plus tax for solar bits that I need to crush myself so I can apply to my eyelid and then spend time cleaning up the fall outs. I get that it's suppose to be multipurpose bits but who's going to put black ore on their cheeks? I also asked my buddies at the Mac Counter and they don't like it either. I love honest makeup artists! Don't you?

Future Earth is another collection I'm going to pass on. I wanted to try the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator but I already have a lot of exfoliators that I haven't even touched yet. Carmex for $1.50 beats the $14.50 Prep & Prime Lip Refinisher:)

Tendertones was recently released and I'm glad I can actually pass up on a collection. I'm not a real big lip person and I really hate the packaging on these because I hate putting lip products using my fingers and I hardly/never carry a lip brush with me. To me it's like putting germs all over your lips because your fingers are the dirtest body part ever!

Cool Heat is coming out soon (June 12th) and there's atleast 4 eyeshadows that I want from there. I'll probably skip the slimshines. I need to see more swatches of the eyeshadows and compare them to the existing colors that I already have.

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Emilee @ GMM said...

Aww, I really like the Tendertones! Mostly because the promo picture is so cute (which is quite possibly the worst reason to buy something! lol).

I actually like the exfoliator a lot. It's different than what usual scrubs because the sugar melts when in contact with warm water, so it's not as harsh on the skin. :)