Sunday, June 1, 2008

FOTD: Another try at this color scheme + Haul

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been busy, working 6 days a week and trying to organize the mess in my room because I'm moving to Hilo in August. Atleast I'm done taking my 14 days of 3 types of antibiotics to cure this bacteria infection I have in my stomach. I'm so not a pill popper, in the middle of my treatment it took me like 5 mintues to swallow 4 pills. I had to take a total of 8 pills a day. oh GOSH, I so hope I killed H.Pylori out of my system. I won't know until I do my follow up mid June.

So last night, my family and I had to go to a family friend's graduation party. So I busted out a popular FOTD that I did previous. Don't know what to name it yet lol. I really love the color combination in this look. There was a couple of changes that I did to it like changed the lip gloss and the intensity went up a couple of notches. Other than that it's pretty much the same. Glad I found this color scheme on accident.


Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 in NC 43 (#190)

Studio Fix in NC43 (#150)
Blush, X-Rocks (#129)
Blush Cream, Lilicent (#187)
YogaMode (#109)
Drizzlegold (#129)

Too faced eye insurance, all over lid (clean ring finger)
Electro Sky paint pot, lid (#242)
Driven by Instinct TSS pigment, inner half of lid (#242)
Plumes by TMM, outer half of lid (#242)
Nocturnelle, crease (#217)
Carbon, outer V (#217)
Ricepaper. highlighter (#224)
Urban Decay 24/7, zero
L'oreal Volumnious

Honeyflower l/s
Comet Blue d/g

This picture is of my sister and I...who's older? ME! People always think I'm the youngest of the batch but I'm the oldest. My sister gets mistaken for being the oldest. Trust me it's not because of maturity levels. I also did her makeup, she wanted a golden smokey look. It really suits her because she's very tan, she loves going to the beach and I haven't been to one in yearsssss. I know it's sad but I so prefer locking myself in my room and reading.

So I recently received my Mac order which included the Neo Sci-Fi Collection! So my recent haul included...

Neo Sci-Fi Soft & Slow Lipglass
Neo Sci-Fi Time & Space
Neo Sci-Fi Magnetic Fields
Neo Sci-Fi Sci-Fi-Delity Lipstick
Neo Sci-Fi X-Rocks
Neo Sci-Fi Space Out

And then some...

Cream Blush Lilicent
Paint Pot Soft Ochre
Beauty Powder Loose Drizzlegold
Dazzleglass Date Night

I'm also expecting more mineral pigment orders from Electric Cosmetics and Simply when I do receive the orders I will share them with you!

I really hate the spacing in this post but I've been trying to fix it for 30 minutes. ErRr I'm just going to leave it alone


Emilee @ GMM said...

Gorgeous combo! Blue is a funky color to pull off, but it looks great on ya. :)

Don't tell me you didn't get Pink Grapefruit lipglass! It honestly is the only lip item that I wanted out of this collection, hehe.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

you do look like the younger sister! :)

oOo... i love this combo! you came up with this by mistake?! wow... that's awesome. i wish i made cool color combo mistakes. LOL. :D

Lily said...

this looks great on you! i love nocturnelle!

Distinque said...

Emilee: Yah I used to have a really hard time with blues..I guess I outgrew it? lol no i DID NOT get Pink Grapefruit. I sooo wanted to but my lipstick and lipgloss stash is growing wayyy to out of hand and they're usually the first ones to go bad so I need be a bit more picky with those.

Christiana: lol thanks for the compliment about me looking younger. We're only a year apart though so I hope I really look younger. I need to make more combo mistakes!

Lily: I love nocturnelle too! Too bad I don't use it much tho