Sunday, May 25, 2008

Electric Cosmetics Haul and Product Review

Hi everyone...Hey I'm getting pretty good at updating this blog huh? So I received my Electric Cosmetics order a couple of days ago. I wanted to try a couple of the pigments out before I could do a review on them. As I checked off my invoice from my order..I noticed a couple of items missing, like 4 items. So I emailed electric cosmetics about the error and they responded back in less than 24 hours and they're working on sending the items they missed and a gift certificate with it too. So I'm glad that they have great customer service by responding quickly and apologizing for it. No one's perfect like they say.

So here are the pigment swatches of what I got. These were applied with a damp brush over UDPP.

So I've noticed that some pigments are much more pigmented than others as you can see. I think that Frost, Shadow Metal, Tonic, Heavens Paradise, Eminent Sparxx, Hail Stone and Malignity Rouge are pigments to look into. I believe those have the best color payoff. I was kind of disappointed with the lighter/bright shades that they have. When looking at their swatches on their website, it seems much more pigmented than what it actually is.

I was also disappointed in the product packaging. The prices for their samples are $1.50 (bag) and their full size $5.00 (jar) and it includes a free sample! That's a cool thing! The baggies that the samples come it..for some reason it's really hard to close it. The ridges where the bag is suppose to close is real skinny and tiny so it's hard to have them fit together. I understand why they chose that packaging type because it is suitable for a $1.50 sample. I just don't like the baggie. There S&H is also affordable $2-$4.


Electric Cosmetics is having a sale on their products and it ends on Monday! Get them while you can because after Monday there will be an increase in pricings. So their $5.00 jar pigments are $4.00 and it still includes a free sample!

I already placed a second order;)


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hi Shayna! :) Hmm... you know a trick you could try with the lighter and brighter colors to make them more vibrant is apply a damp layer, and right after pat/dab in a dry layer right on top of the damp layer. it makes it super vibrant. ;) I do this with different brands of pigments if it's not as pigmented as I like and it usually works. I tried this with Verdigris Glow the other night and it worked! :D

Emilee @ GMM said...

They look like they're nice are they compared to TSS? All these mmu companies are driving me crazy, lol. I was just contemplating ordering a second batch of TSS samples, and now there's another company to try!

And yes, I got my TSS order. I'm so lazy with updating; I really should post a review, hehe. Thanks for reminding me!

Neeyuh said...

I just found you're blog and I'm really luvin it, soo informative!! I'm still new at it so I got lots of work to do! haha. I ordered from Electric too and the bags for me were hard to close and hard to get the product out so I just transferred them to jars. Great swatches too I think I'm gonna make another order soon of full sizes...Ok take care!!