Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring has come! Meet our newest addition!

So it's starting to get real hot here in Hawaii. I'm starting to think I was raised in the wrong area. I really hate the heat. I would rather work everyday in an Air Condition office than have a day off. It's oh so humid too. Bleh, and this is just the beginning.

So last Sunday I was awfully bored, and I got a unexpected call from my Mac Makeup Artist who gave me details on their upcoming Technique Classes, they have 2 a year. So there's a beginners class around lunch time and they have a Advance class in the afternoon. She's so funny she's like 'So your going to the afternoon class kae? Call me and I'll book it for you.' NOT that I'm saying I'm SKILLED but the beginners class is real basic, introducing the purposes of each brush...the importance of eyeshadow bases...basically things I already know. In these technique they pass around the products and tools they used while creating a look and it's like me just passing it to the next girl without even looking at. The makeup artists have laughs over this because they know I practically got every damn brush. It was cool though giving advice to a bunch of ladies that had questions about certain things. I recommended brushes over other brushes that aren't needed. So I got a spot in their advance class. Hopefully I'll win more prizes, I won 2 last time (Minearlize eyeshadow in Ether & Beauty powder in Yogamode). They're going to be doing 4 looks in this class. And they just hold $50 on your Credit Card, so basically you have to spend $50 in products at that time which wouldn't be very hard at all because the Heatherette Collection comes out around that time.

So I did this look on Sunday...

Minearlize Satinfinish Foundation, NC44
Studio Fix, NC 43
Refined Deeper Bronze
Hipness Blush
Yogamode Beauty Powder

Cash Flow p/p
Moss scape p/p
Juiced e/s
Charteruse pigment
Emerald Green pigment
Velvet Moss e/s
Your Ladyship pigment
Engraved eyeliner
Graphblack eyeliner
Loreal Voluminous Mascara

40's pink mattene lipstick
Synched up 3D lipglass

Oh and here's a video on the newest addition...JUICY!

A Tutorial on its way


Vanessa said...

Oh. My. God. SOOOOO cute! I want a puppy/dog so bad but the BF said I can't because I won't take care of it (since I am never home), boo!

Distinque said...

Thanks 'nes. She sure is a handful. She's real cute tho!

mrslanielovesmac said...

Ohhh... 50 bucks to get into the beginner class?! I'll do it! Too bad... I live in California and not sure if MAC counters here have that kind of offers. Great look, btw!


OMG!! juicy is so cute!! i want a puppy! LOL.

Lani said...

juicy! cute ass name! she's adorable!

girl, i wanna get in on that class! lol.

p.s. i tagged ya. ;)

christy. said...

Yay I found another islander!! :) I love your FOTD btw. Is your skin color natural cuz it looks hot! Hope to stay in touchh :)

christy. said...

Yay I found another islander!! :) I love your FOTD btw. Is your skin color natural cuz it looks hot! Hope to stay in touchh :)

MrsDiaz said...

Aww your eyes are definitely springy! Love it. And your doggy is so cute!

MrsDiaz said...
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Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

what a pretty green look. :)