Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exhausted. Getting OLD!

Hi everyone! This year is just flying by isn't it? I'm turning 22 soon on March 8th to be exact. Every time near my birthday I look back on my life, especially the past year. So I had made a goal before I turned 21 and I had to accomplish that goal before I turned 22. So goal accomplished! Although it didn't end well, I still accomplished that goal and how it ended I had no control over.

Main thing is I accomplished it. I know y’all are probably wondering what this ‘goal’ was but it’s kind of personal and I’m still sensitive about it. So I need to set another goal for me to accomplish by my 23rd birthday. I’m still pondering on what this goal should be. I was thinking about weight loss, but that has been a constant goal of mines. I really need to focus on that one.

So I was in the processing of making a tutorial when I ran out of memory space on my digital camera. OH wells the lighting sucked. So I developed my pictures and now have completely cleared my memory space. Don’t you hate that? When there isn’t enough time in the day just to develop your pictures on your memory stick and it just builds up on your memory stick. Over 100+ photos! Some over a year old wth! So expect a tutorial up soon! I have a request from the look I got done with the N Collection. So maybe I’ll start with that.

Have a nice day folks!


Vanessa said...

Someone has a birthday coming up!

Distinque said...

Vanessa: yah, I'm getting old...i think i already have fine lines and wrinkles:(

ladyjane said...

Hey girl, just dropping by to say 'hi' and to tell you 22 is NOT old! Goodness. I'm turning 24 this year, and I don't wanna think that I'm almost at my mid-20s. Too crazy. I wish you'll have a HAPPY birthday :)