Friday, March 14, 2008

Teal Tutorial and 5 must NOT have items!

Hi everyone! So it's been a couple of days since I updated my blog. I turned 22 last Saturday (3/8) and boy was I a grouch. Almost got into a fight with everyone in my family. I was just being difficult, acting like a spoiled brat. Felt bad...doesn't that count? We had a bbq at my house and I received more gift cards and money as gifts. People say I'm the hardest person to buy for...I disagree with that:P haha.

So Lani tagged me for the 5 must NOT have items!

1. Generic Tweezers. I totally agree with Mrs. Lynne on this one. My mom or sister lost my tweezerman and let me tell you, that shit ain't cheap. They run around $25 so I was hoping to find a generic brand tweezer at Walmart so I bought one at Walmart for $4 and it could not grab on to anything. So I ended up looking for Tweezerman on ebay and the tweezer including shipping equals the amount at the salon. So I bought it at the salon...that tweezer is like heaven sent. I hate seeing little hairs appearing in my brow area.

2. Mac's Cream Color Base. I hate it because it sucks as a eyeshadow base. It really depends on what type of skin you have and mines happen to be oily. I crease in like 5 minutes no joke. I gave this baby away to a friend that doesn't have oily skin.

3. Loreal Telescopic Mascara. Sorry folks, this much loved mascara by many doesn't work for my lashes. It looks amazing on some folks but it gets clumpy on my lashes. Tried it once and never went back to it. Guess I need to give it a couple of more tries...but till then it's on this list.

4. Mac Fix+ & Charged Waters container. I have the old and new packaging of Mac's Fix+ and although the new packaging looks alot coolER. It doesn't dispense the product well, the mist isn't as fine as the old packaging and the button? isn't as comfortable to use as the old one.

5. Mac's Chunky Pigments. Most of Mac's pigments happen to be real fine but some of them are chunky. Examples are Steel Blue, Rose, Sunpepper and Golden Lemon. It's harder to work with versus the finer pigments.

I'm not tagging anyone because I bet all of those I know with Makeup Blogs have already done this. If there's someone who would like to do this, TAG YOU'RE IT!

Here's a Teal Tutorial....Enjoy!

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mrslanielovesmac said...

Hey! I don't know what the fix + is supposed to do to my face and I hardly ever felt anything but I like it during the summer. I store it in the fridge so when I spray that thing on my face the coolness melts in and it feels so fresh. I also like the old packaging too. Anyway, great tutoral! Keep it up!