Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy! Spring break wasn't even a break for me. I packed up my bags and went to Hilo (Big Island) to look for an apartment while I attend UH @ Hilo. So I found a place that a buddy and I can share. I'm 22 but I'm still my mom's baby. I'm so looking forward to living on my own and away from my family. I love my family it's just I want to really experience life. Like wash my own clothes and cook my own food. Don't get me wrong I DO chores like wash clothes and cook it's just that it'll be different. It'll be for me and not washing the family laundry and cooking food for my siblings. Well, let's see how it'll I bet I'm going to regret this post when the time comes to live on my own.

All I know is that I made damn sure where the closest Starbucks and Mac counter was at! Starbucks is my other addiction by the way. Caffeine addict must admit. It was my first time there at the Big Island and it's different from Maui. Calmer, gloomy, and in a smaller space. I took some great scenery pictures I'll post them up later:)

So part of the reason why the lack of updates is that I've had some real bad allergie attacks. It started like a month ago where my fingers would swell up then my hands then lips (looked like a bad Botox job...SERIOUSLY) then eyelids and cheeks. It actually started in 2005 and lasted for 2-3 months but then it stopped and I had forgotten about it. I had blood work and even got tested for carpo tunnel. They don't know what's wrong with me but the best guess is allergies. Too bad an allergist only comes ONCE a month to Maui. So my appointment isn't till May. So far it has been my eyelids lately, and what's weird is that it would be one side then alternate to the other. So I've been avoiding makeup because I just don't want to irritate my skin. Hopefully I'll find what's wrong with me. :(

Here's my latest tutorial on a smokey eye, a request



Mrs. Lynne, said...

sorry to hear about your allergies. i have really bad ones also, but after moving here, they've cleared up a lot. must be the moist air for me.

good luck in school and everything girl. too bad you weren't going to manoa so we can hang out once in a while.

Jeda21 said...

Congratulations on moving out on your own, be careful and take good care of yourself!

For your allergy, have you tried drinking a lot of green tea? I also sometimes wake up with swollen eyelids wrists and I drink a lot of green tea because it helps detox and antioxidants. I notice a favorable change on myself.

All the best on your move!

mrslanielovesmac said...

Congrats on moving to live on your own. Also, your smokey eye look is very dramatic and smoking hot!

Distinque said...

Mrs. Lynne: Ha, I don't think I can handle Oahu. Too much for me, I still get lost in Maui and I was born and raised here. Yah we could have gone makeup shopping together:)

Jeda21: Thanks, I'll try the green tea thing. I hate taking my allergy medicine because they make me useless. I'm so tired and stuff. I'm seeing an allergist in May, hopefully he'll find out what's wrong with me.

Mrslanielovesmac: Thanks, I still need to master it because blending with this look takes forever. lol