Sunday, April 6, 2008

Details of my Spring Break

So I wanted to elaborate more on my Spring Break because damn it was a doozie(sp?). So the last day of school my Chem teacher took the whole class out on a whale watch. Of course it was related to Chemistry, we had to take 3 different pH readings of the water. It was really fun, haven't been on a whale watch for years. I think this time because I'm older I appreciated it more than when I was a kid. We saw a total of 8 whales, thank G' I had my seabands on too. The water was pretty rocky that morning! I thought I'd post a short video on the whale watch because many of you probably don't see whales like people from Hawaii do:)

So I briefly mentioned about my trip to the Big Island. So I turned in my apartment application and my buddy and I got it! So we turned in our deposit money. Wow, can't believe I'm doing this. I'm so not the type to venture out of my comfort zone. Here's some pictures from the trip


1. On the drive from Hilo to Kona, we took Saddle Rd. it's right between the two volcanoes. A 3 hour ride baby!
2. We stayed at Hapuna Beach Resort, this is near the pool area overlooking Hapuna Beach at dusk.

3. From the resort's main balcony, right when the sun was kissing the the Pacific Ocean:)

4. Oceanview room baby! What an upgrade...all for $75 a night, thanks MOM for the hook ups

5. Juicy, our newest addition to the family telling me a secret in the midst of me doing my Chemistry homework with NO makeup ewwww!

6. Rufus and Juicy taking a nap:)


P.S. Heatherette Tutorial on the way


christy. said...

Omg lucky! I never actually went on a boat to see a whale that close. :) Lovely pictures :D

Distinque said...

yah they're pretty social. Some actually got real close to the boat.