Saturday, February 16, 2008


So I'm back, sorry for being M.I.A.! I've been like super busy with school and work. Sorry! I do visit my daily blogs it's just that I don't leave any comments. I'll try to leave comments and stuff more. But Yah, I just got done doing a tutorial for Fafi! I did a look that I haven't seen yet on YouTube...I didn't use the green from the Fafi Eye Quad 2! I wanted to thought but I used Shockwave (salmon colored e/s) and Prankster (dark colored e/s). It's a pretty easy tutorial consisting of only 3 eyeshadows! I was low on memory space so I couldn't do more :P

My overally opinion of the Fafi Collection...uhmzZz it wasn't as impressive as I had expected. The color payoff of the eyeshadows were a huge disappointment. I really had to pack on Shockwave and I even used Nice Vice as a eye base under that. I think the paint pots and the blushes were the light of the Fafi Collection. The lips products were okay...I mean I've seen those colors, you can't really get creative with lips you know. I mean you can get creative with it but how often will you use a blue lipstick and lip gloss? I sure wouldn't use it often and I sure wouldn't bust $14.50 for it either!

So I got
Fafi Eye Quad #2
Paint Pots in Nice Vice, Rollickin, and Cash Flow ..... PRETTY!
Blushes in Hipness and Fashion Frenzy
I.P.P. in Sassed Up
Lipgloss in Cult Fave

and other items
Paint, Base Light
3D Glass, Synched up, Touchpoint, and Algorithm .... Absolutely Love them!

So those are the items from Mac and I also got Mercurial Minearlize Eyeshadow from in a swap. I also won 4 Stila Lip Shines on eBay. I don't own anything in Stila because I don't have a Sephora here so I would need to get it shipped else where and trust the swatch from the internet. So my next purchase hopefully isn't going to be till Heatherette comes out. I've been organizing my makeup and like shit I have so much that I haven't even touched. It would be a different matter if I actually use makeup but I hardly do. I swear I didn't use eyemakeup for like 2 weeks. So I need to watch my spending on makeup and chose colors that I actually don't have. My makeover for Fafi is next Saturday and it's a friends 21st birthday. So yay I can actually get glammed up for something!

Enjoy the tutorial and haul video!

Part One

Part Two

Recent Haul and Review


Mrs. Lynne said...

Hi sis! Nice haul. I agree with you about Fafi's color payoff. No big hearts going out for this one.

Anyhow, it's always nice to hear from you despite how crazy life outside the screen is :) Take care love.

Vanessa said...

Hello Mamasita! Are you excited about Heatherette?

the Muse said...

i concur. payoff on the shadows wasn't fab but I loved the BP's, blush, and lippies!


Distinque said...

Mrs. Lynne: Yah, life has been crazy. I'm trying to be better with updating my blogs:) I'm hearting the Heatherette Collection, how about you?:P

Vanessa: I am SO excited about it:) I'm getting all of the pencils and the eye shadow trios. I think the beauty blushes? are up your alley:)

The Muse: WHY HELLO! wow can't believe you left your presence on my blog:) I also loved the blushes and beauty powders:)

Lani said...

hey you, love the haul and vids! i wish i had more time on my hands to do more tuts. well i hope you're doin good. ;)