Sunday, January 20, 2008

N collection Haul + Makeover

So I received my haul from Mac a couple of days ago and I actually behaved a bit:) My order without shipping was under $100, I told u I was improving!...well let's see how long that will last. So that haul included these items....some of the items I bought at the counter so they could do a makeover on me:)

- Modest Tone e/s
- Neutral Pink e/s
- Minearlize Satinfish in Light Flush
- Minearlize Satinfish in Warmed
- Ricepaper e/s
- Naked Lunch e/s
- 15 Pro Palette
- Parrot e/s
- Smoke Signals Pigment
- Fresco Rose Paint Pot
- #4 Eyelashes

So that's my haul, next one is going to be when Fafi comes out! I'm so looking forward to that one. So my makeover was actually last night and it was done by a other makeup artist. The one I usually go to actually recommend I try her and she's sooooooo gorgeous. She looks like Kim Kardashian! No joke but she's full filipino. So I actually call her Kim but her real name isn't that. It was kind of nice of getting your makeup done by another artist because their techniques are different. "Kim" actually didn't talk about what she was applying and where or what brushes she was using to apply it with. That was the only down part of it because I want to learn from this experience but oh wells. Her work is very symmetrical, one of the first thing I noticed! She made my uneven brows even! I also noticed that she was a perfectionist, she takes her time to make sure her work will please me and her. She actually redone under my eye area because there was fall out from the black eyeshadow and it was starting to cake up because of the heavy concealer. She also didn't use much foundation which was a plus because my usual artist would use 3x the amount I would usually use. Kim also use the 188 brush! I'm like wow she really likes to blend her foundation in because that brush is tiny. It's the 187 little baby. So here are the results from her work

The video of my haul, sorry about the poor lighting my lamp was on

The video of my review of the Shiseido Mascara Base

and lastly my 5 Random Facts




love the tutorials. you look very familiar, as if i've seen you somehwere? or maybe i'm crazy. LOL.

who is your original MUA? i started out with dini, then vanessa & now cherish becacuse she's one of my closest friends.

well keep them tutorials & reviews coming :)

sassychix said...

this is soooooo pretty..YOU are pretty!! :)
love ur blog :)

Distinque said...

lisa: Thanks:)Joann is my original MUA. Love her! I went to school with Cherish. In this look, Rita did my makeover on Saturday. I'll try to keep the videos coming but school starts and stuff.

Sassychix: Thanks:) I saw your pics on Specktra love your looks!


rita is so pretty!! i don't know her personally but i always know her as the girl that has that "smokey eye looks" all the time. she really does look like kim kardashian & i had no idea that she was filipino.

& jo is sooo nice. i remember going to her once & she really helped me, like a lot!

well see you at MAC :) hahaha. maybe when fafi comes out huh?

Vanessa said...

You look so cute!