Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School is Back:(...winter blues in Hawaii

So Monday was the first day of school for me. Chemistry in the morning isn't a bright idea lol oh wells atleast it's closer to the parking lot that I park my car at. I only have one class on campus and my math and economics class are online. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...we'll know at the end of the semester. SoOoO the N collection is out but my counter don't have it yet..suckers. I ordered the skinfinishes online because I know I wanted those for sure. I'm not so sure about the eyeshadows, I need to see and swatch it against my skin. I need to start saving up for the Fafi collection that comes out February something. Broke:/ I hope the heatherette collection is going to be small.

Here's a look that I did last week

Paint Pot, Rubenesque
Shadestick, Sea Me
Pigment, Aire de blue
Pigment, Cornflower
E/S, Blue storm
Pigment, Dark Soul
Pigment, Your Ladyship
Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Mineralize Satinfinish
Studio Tech
Refined Deeper Bronze
Afterdusk Blush
Yogamode Beauty Powder
Select Cover Up concealer
Studio Lights, Sand
BrowsEspresso Eyeshadow
Clear Brow Set

lipliner, caramellow
lipstick, honey flower
lipgloss, synched up was one of the hardest looks to pull for me...but I think I got it down:)


Mrs. Lynne said...

Hey girl! I've missed ya! You are so cute sporting those blues. I think you did a beautiful job.

I think unless you need some neutrals (then again the perm line has some nice ones already) that N is going to be alright to pass on. I only bought one of the shadows (Neutral Pink). That was just pretty. Probably looks like every other lavenderish pink I have, but couldn't help myself.

How's the weather there? Cold in the mornings like here? I'm freezing my tail off, lol.

Girl Meets Makeup said...

First time commenting! :P

The blue looks good! It's not an easy color to pull off in the daytime, and you did a good job. :)

yummy411 said...

i love it!

Distinque said...

Mrs. Lynne: Yah it's cold here too. I love it! I hate hot weather lol shit I need to move somewhere else. But it's starting to warm up a bit. boowoo! I also got Neutral Pink, I got Fresco Rose Paint Pot also. I thought the two would do well together:) Thanks, maybe I'll do a tutorial on that look.

Girl meets makeup: Thanks:) I must admit, blue were the hardest color for me to work with. I avoided it for awhile. Thanks for visiting my page!

Yummy411: Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

love the blog. the blue looks really good on you, matched your shirt in the second pic