Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Productive Weekend...? NOT

So I've actually did a tutorial and two reviews. I'm thinking of redoing it because the lighting was horrible in my room :( I think it's because the sun was practically shining on my camera while I was doing the video....eRrRr and my review on eye bases was cut short because of not enough memory space. Another eRrRr...but I did change my layout! Kudos for me...So stay tuned for those videos here's a picture of my cousin.She woke me up from my nap asking me to do her makeup before she went on her birthday dinner date with her bf (5 years strong). He got her a louis...extremely jealous but hey I'm not washing his underwears.

I used the Smoking Eyes quad from the Smoke Signals Collection along with new vegas as a highlighter, refined golden as a bronzer, and otherworldly as a blush. ON the lips I have Cafe Matte and a nude lip gele (forgot which one sorry!)

Last week was my dad's 50th birthday. Happy birthday dad! He's getting old lol. So we had a small bbq for him...Here's a picture of me using the Gentle Fume quad from the Smoke Signal Collection.

My lips are uber shiny in the last pic. I'm using Cafe Matte and over it Springbean (that green lipgloss). Since we're on the subject on lips...the Finery collection is coming out along with the curioustease(sp?) this upcoming week. I want to get a set from the Finery collection and I'm debating if I should get the plushglass kit. Plushglass is the same price as the other glosses which is super kool because it actually costs more and the colors are pretty but I don't need the plumping component. My lips are like hugematic as in....So what are your thought on it?

I'm getting.....

- a set from the Finery Collection (pretty colors I want atleast 2!)

- Softsparkle eyeliners

- a lipgloss set

I actually shouldn't get a lipgloss set because it expires pretty fast. I was going through my lipsticks and lipglosses and I had to throw away a couple...they smelt bad and honestly it takes a long time to go through lipsticks! I haven't seen the bottom of one yet!


Vanessa said...

You look so cute! I love that look on you! haha let's trade I go to Hawaii and you come to Cali, or better yet, one of us goes to each other and lets go shopping!

Distinque said...

Hawaii isn't so great for makeup! it's constantly humid and practically melts off your face. But we should go shopping;)