Thursday, November 8, 2007

A 3 day weekend

Wow, I have like one of my first 3 day weekend. The last branch I worked for is open 7 days a week including holidays so I would have to work constantly especially since it's the busiest branch on the island. In August, I worked 21 days straight...10 & 8hour shifts too! Last August I transferred to the slowest branch on the island. Unfortunately, I work less hours but that's okay because I have challenging classes this semester and I could always help out at the other branch when I WANT too.

So I have lots of homework to catch up and I want to get ahead in some of the classes by doing the homework that's already assigned but not due yet. Since it's a 3 day weekend might as well. I'm prolly going to the college library to do my homework. I have too much disturbances at home including my dog! If I'm on the bed he comes up and sits on my homework. Spoiled dog. Hopefully I can do another tutorial soon. I got a mini tripod, pretty reasonable....$15 so I don't need to stack my textbooks under my camera haha.

Here's a list of upcoming videos...
- Mac Pro Products Review (Mixing Medium, Lip Erase, Mixing Medium Eyeliner)
- Mac's Eye Bases
- Royal Assets Tutorial

I'm welcoming any requests:)


Stephie said...

*claps* yay i can't wait for the pro product reveiw! i have yet to go to the pro store, i'm saving up some money as well as trying to get some freetime from work and school to drive over to dallas. anyways, hopefully i'll see your review before i mosey on over there ;)

Distinque said...

Stephie: yah there's a couple of pro products that i like and i don't really care for. Hopefully I'll get it out b4 you go!

Stephie said...

lol ate, i think i'll be holding off on the pro store haul for another month. i just realized, black friday is coming up and i HAVE to save up. hehehe... but i still cant wait for the tuts. your last one was awesome and now you have me hooked! :P