Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Green with Envy Tutorial

Hello again, I just got done editing my 2nd version of green with envy tutorial. The first one wasn't too great because of the lighting...well I hope you enjoy this one! I finally found a set place to do my videos because the lighting in my room is horrible so my set up area is under my only window. I also have a lamp there for additional light. So maybe I'll stop looking like I got punched in the eye:P haha. I know I have dark circles but it doesn't look that bad...I started using my uber expensive eye cream again ($70!)..I start to use it then I stop. I can never really continue to make it a habit but I told myself I can't buy another eye cream until I'm done with this one. barely looks like I touched it.

I'm going to drop by Mac today after work. I want to see the Curiousitease collection. I've decided that I'm not going to get the plushglass because 1) I won't need a lip plumper 2) the color is sheer. So I might just get one of the other lipgloss sets all I know is I'm getting my hands on the softsparkle eyeliners. I have like 3 of the 5 in regular size but I want it all! I've also completed my Mac Pro Products Review...I hope it helps some people out there. Geez...I can't believe editing takes so damn long...especially tutorials. It took me over an hour. I'm thinking I should talk in my tutorials so I don't need to do the captions...but it can be noisy in my house and it even harder to edit the video when your talking because I can babble and do mistakes because I'm nervous:)

Oh yah, my reviews are my opinions of the items. I can be a harsh critic I must admit but hey not everything works for me. I have oily, problematic and sensitive skin....I FEEL everything. Even Mac wipes stings my skin. These are just my opinions:)


Mrs. Lynne said...

Hey sweetie! I just tuned into your blog from Stephie's site. Love the greens on you, compliments your skin very well. Thanks for the review on the PRO products. The mixing medium for the liner sounds interesting. I'm going to link you to my site if you don't mind :)

Btw, what island are you on? I'm here on Oahu.

Anyhow, keep up the good work!

Stephie said...

ate i loved this tutorial! and i love the jojo song, it's so weird, i was just watching that video today :)

Distinque said...

Lynne: I'm from Maui! thanks you do some awesome makeup too. I dont mind about the linking, thanks! I want to link you too but I need to figure out how that goes:) lol i'm sooo new to this thing

Stephie: I was hooked to that jojo song when it first came out:)