Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First Tutorial!

So I recorded this tutorial last week, and I just got done editing it today. Sheesh 10 mins happens to be a short amount of time to apply makeup. It was originally 18mins but I had to cut it down because I didn't want to do 2 parts, I wanted it all on one video. I can't believe I'm actually showing my face with no makeup! how scary can that be. Sorry people if your expecting clear skin your not getting it with me. I've had acne since intermediate? It's been awhile....I know I can control it with my Differin Gel and antibiotics but there's times where I get lazy:P

Well this it what I used...........


Mineralize Satinfinish

Studio Fix

Refined Golden


Benefit Boing concealer


Pink Venus






in 3D, 3D glass

So hopefully this video can help some peeps out there. I know there's some improvements I need to do with doing tutorials.

Sorry no up close pics of the eyes I JUST figured out what that stupid flower icon on my camera means....haha! loser. All the up close pics of my eyes are blurry and ugly so another time?


I got a call yesterday from a girl (black outfit) I did makeup for before. She wants me to do her makeup for her upcoming photoshoots and she'll pay me! Awesome! So far I'm booked for her two photoshoots this month. I did her makeup for the Car Show in August and I'm the only one she trusts. I can't really go wrong with her; she's pretty so no miracles to make. She also won the bikini contest too...that's something to put in my portfolio. I also did the makeup of the girl with her...she's my co-worker and my lab partner:)



The Faux Fashionista said...

Hmm, what exactly does the flower icon mean? Your client is ssssmokin' hot! Nice tute too :)

Distinque said...

Faux: The flower icon is meant for really close up pictures:)That's why I didn't post any pics of any close eyemakeup:( bcuz it was all blurry. Mayb I'll take a picture of a close with and without the flower icon to show the difference. She is smoking huh! abs and everything! She's only like 20 years old too

Stephie said...

hey cutie! congrats with the job opportunity! i'm sure you'll do a fantastic job :) did you go to a beauty school? you do great makeup! i can't wait to see the results if you can show them! :)

Distinque said...

Stephie, awww thanks but nope no beauty school. Just alot of makeup and free time:)

Stephie said...

awesome ate! me too, just getting info from the internet and practicing. and i'm learning more from you too.... keep the tuts and fotds coming please! salamat po :)

yummy411 said...

hey! great tut! you make mac brushes look so lush... i also now want some refined golden bronzer =)

Distinque said...

thanks yummy411. Yah i love refined golden:)