Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Almost Halloween

So today I have a bunch of homework to do:( Alot of Chemistry to catch up on. Gawd I was so irritated with AOL last night. I got locked out of my email account because AOL had forced me to change my password...well I forgot it. So I didn't the whole 'forgot password' process and my password hint/reminder will be emailed to my account. F^&*%&* stupid! HELLO I'M LOCKED OUT OF MY EMAIL ACCOUNT. So I tried logging in again on my PC instead of my laptop because hopefully aol won't remember I'm locked out so another 3 chances. and I got in...awesome.
A new restuarant opened up across my work place and I'm craving their honey macadamia nut roast pork for just $7.95. I'm trying not to cheat on my diet though...So far so good? lol crap and I have to hit the treadmill today. I'm going to see my diet counselor this friday and my goal with her is 2 pounds in one week. Hopefully I make it. Geez that roast pork is killing me!
I think I'm just passing out candy for halloween. Dressing up my dog as a groom...he already has the tux for it. lol he'll look so cute

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