Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back in Action!

So I just received my Mac order (pictures later) and I'm in love with almost every thing I ordered. So I got bored on Thursday night and my sister asked me to do a makeover on her with piggies! I love pigments for some reason I don't use them as much. Maybe it's because it's loose powder...a pain to open because I don't want to drop any!...a lot of fall out! But after doing her makeup I fell in love with them all over AGAIN! I haven't done a makeover on my sister for awhile because now she can do her own makeup so I warned her not to expect miracles.

Here's the products that I've used: (All items are Mac unless stated otherwise)


Espresso e/s (fill in eyebrows)

Clear Brow Set

Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation (diluted with Mixing Medium)

Studio Fix in NC43

Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden


New Vegas


Paint Pot in Rubenesque

Shadestick in Gracious Me

Fushia, pigment

Deep Violet, pigment

Smut, e/s

Engraved e/l

Shroom, e/s

Model 21 false eyelashes


40's Pink, Mattene lipstick

in 3D, 3D lipglass

Here's pictures of her, my sister

So I think overall it went well:) very much complimented from my sister..."oh gawd sister!, I think I've fallen in love with myself" haha conceited bitch

So I'm expecting my Sephora order soon, within the week. I ordered my Urban Decay Primer Potion! I've been on the fence with this product hopefully it works. I've heard some great reviews on it. I should be getting my new Sony Cybershot digital camera within the next 2 days. Once I get it I'll try doing tutorials and reviews...depends? I really want to do it to help other people out there but who knows I might suck at doing it then I wouldn't be much help would I? Well gotta do some homework then hit the sack.


Vanessa said...

Great blog so far! I love the look you did! Makeup IS addicting isn't it? My wallet agrees LOL!

Stephie said...

i can't wait for the tutorials! great makeover on your sister btw, i wish mine was here so i could do it on her! :(

btw, are you pinay? you and your sister look like it, but i'm not always that great of a judge on race :P

Distinque said...

Vanessa: thanks!:) I saw your teal tutorial on specktra. Voted for you! it's an awesome look. I think collecting makeup is addicting lol

Stephie: Yes, My sister and I are full blooded pinays:) born and raise in hawaii. There are times when it's good to have your sister my sister and I have full blown tempers...but I must admit I even love the fights we have.

Mrs. Lynne said...

i love the colors. you're so lucky to have your sister close by to play makeup with.

Distinque said...

Mrs. Lynne: Yah I'm lucky she's close by. She's my canvas when I'm bored :)