Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So this is my first blog, geeezzz I thought I gave up blogging and webpaging a long time ago...Guess not! How rude of me, let me introduce myself I'm Shayna! I go by Distinque, don't know why but it sounds catchy? lol it's actually spelt Distingue and it means Distinguished in appearance, manner, or bearing..tyte shit huh? the 'q' looks better than the 'g' so I switched it. I should notify webster to change it huh?

Well I'm 21 and I live in Hawaii. I'm starting to blog well because of my makeup addiction. Yes, I am an addict! I wanted to do tutorials and reviews on certain product lines..mainly MAC because of their endless promotions and it happens to be one of the most popular makeup lines if not the POPULAR one. I just wanted to share my thoughts and I would like to hear yours also (if anyone is reading this) and maybe I'll share some tidbits of my life. Here's a picture of my collection...just the mac products. This was taken early this year and it really needs to be updated! Since then it has probably doubled? I also have Lancome, Clinique, etc. but majority of my collection is Mac (90%). My collection is small compared to others I've seen....Crazy!!!!

I placed an order with Maccosmetics a few days ago so I'm expecting a mighty big haul! Which includes the Antiquitease,Alexander McQueen, Mattene, Matte2, Lashes, Smoke Signals and Bluestrom. Sorry so late for some of these lines but it's better late then never? So I'll keep you posted once I received that shipment from them. By the way, Mac's website has additional information + pictures on the 2007 Holiday Collection! So check them out!


Stephie said...

hi distinque! you should totally notify webster, so they have YOUR name right :D

that's quite a collection, i see a lot of palettes! yowzas woman :D are you a pro card member? because i saw the brush belt.... i'm thinking about getting it, what are your thoughts? is it easier for you when you are working on someone else to have it like that or just set aside?

yay! i'll be lurking on your blog now :)

Distinque said...

Stephie: LOL i'm always lurking your blogs. They're interesting:) I just got approved as a pro card member...within the month. I honestly don't use the brush belt..It seems like it'll be hard to look for the brushes if it's against your body. That's my opinion tho...I do love my palettes I guess because the label 'limited edition' but we all know that's not true. I think I'm going to post a video on my collection bcuz I need to reorganize it so it's easier to find things. Can't wait to see your collection.