Monday, February 11, 2013

Mani Monday | Opi - Bubble Bath [Gel]

Hi everyone, today is Mani Monday and I got a gel manicure done! My first ever too. I stopped by my friend's home yesterday to catch up on life and she offered to do my nails as we talk. At first I said no but I thought about it and Mani Monday came into my head so I immediately retracted the response and asked if she could do my nails.

I've watched some youtube vids and seen reviews on gel polishes and wasn't interested because I usually get bored of my mani by the 4th-5th day so I haven't thought more of it. One of the major pros of this product/technique is that you actually have a mani that lasts atleast two weeks! The nail polish that I have on is Opi's Bubble Bath with silver glitter on the ends. My friend isn't a professional nail technician but I must say she got this down. I picked something neutral so I don't get annoyed fast with this manicure. I think it looks romantic..seeing that valentines day is this week. Oh and the reason why I'm covering the ring finger is that the polish went over my nail onto the sides and it completely came off. I'll try to find a dupe of Opi's bubble bath in my collection and paint that nail.


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