Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review | Jesses Girl - JulieG

Hi everyone, today I have a review on Jesse's Girl, JulieG. I recently hauled this at my CVS and was excited to try it.

JulieG, three coats with top coat

JulieG ($3.99) is a bright coral creme nail polish almost salmon like colored. It applied kind of streaky, it took three coats and even with that there are two nails in which I can kind of see my nail bed. This color is perfect for the spring and summer but being that I live in Hawaii I think I can get away with it. Regular nail polishes come at 0.50 fl oz and this comes in at 0.35 fl oz. I just wanted to get that info out but it wouldn't personally matter to me because I have never gone through a nail polish. 

I believe this to be JulieG's first polish with Jesse's Girl because the packaging is like Jesse's regular line and it has the "Jesse's Girl" name instead of "JulieG" on the front.

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