Friday, February 3, 2012

Review | Wet N' Wild - On a Trip

Yay back to painting my nails. My nails were given a much needed break because of the staining. Good thing because I got sick and remained sick for over a week. So I posted last week that my local Walgreens had a buy 2 get 1 free on their nailpolishes. I previously bought 2 so I took advantage of the opportunity to pick more up. Oh! By the way majority of the nailpolishes are creme finishes. Love!

Today I have On a Trip on my nails and my eyes were immediately drawn to it in the store. It's a pretty periwinkle color:)

So this is the first time I've tried the the megalast formula from Wet N' Wild and I dislike the brush! So hard to apply even and nice coats with this brush. So I gave myself a manicure on Sunday with On a Trip and and today is Friday. Results?!? Five days of chip free wear. There's just some wear on the tips of the nails which is to be expected. Now, I'm not the type to wear gloves when washing dishes or when I'm cleaning house. So I'm impressed with this formula especially since it was just $1.99. On a Trip from the five nail polishes performed average when I swatched all the polishes. I'll be applying another polish from the Megalast line to see if the formula is consistent. 
Day 5: Chip Free:)


Anonymous said...

Agreed, Very impressed! My polish has lasted as well, actually I think I'm on my sixth day and they still look good.

Distinque said...

I just took off Tropicalia and it looked like it'll last a total of 8 days. Too bad I can't stand looking at the same color for too long :P