Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Impression | Wet N' Wild Megalast Nailpolishes

Wet N’ Wild came out with a line of colors for their Megalast line. I picked up a total of five nail polishes, the last three in a promotion, buy two get one free. It retails for $1.99. It claims to provide 5 days of chip-resistant wear, creates exceptional color adhesion and is toluene, phthalate and formaldehyde free.

They have this new brush design called Pro Brush Manicurve. The stem of the brush is flat and the dense bristles are set up so that it’s also flat with a round tip. The applicator stem is similar to Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure and I noticed with this kind of stem it prevents product buildup on the neck of the nail polish bottle.  

The brush is made with an unusual type of bristles. Don't know what type it is but its not smooth and makes application very difficult and streaky.  Also thin coats are difficult to pull off because the bristles are thick so if you want to make thin coats the coats will be streaky. The formula varies the most opaque one being Tropicalia and the streakiest is Disturbia. Currently wearing On a Trip and will be reviewing that shortly.

[With flash] first coat, streaky!W
[Without flash] first coat, streaky!

[With flash] Two coats, How do I rotate this via blogger!?!
[With Flash] Currently wearing On a Trip, two coats


Anonymous said...

Just bought three colors. I'm pretty excited but I'm not a fan of the new brush because I used to have another polish with the same kind of brush which left the polish kind of streaky as well. For some reason I came up with little bubbles on my nails as well. But still looking forward to it :]

Distinque said...

Prisca: What colors did you get?!? I love the colors and the price but I hate this brush.

Anonymous said...

I have Wet Cement, Disturbia and I need a Refreshmint. I'm holding off with "I need a refreshmint" because I'm obsessed with that blue green color and I have some similar colors. I really want On a trip and Candy-licious too.


yummy411 said...

your nails look amazing. now you're gonna have me going back to buy this color =p

Distinque said...

Prisca: On a trip is pretty:) Unique color. I'll be doing a review on it soon, I'm testing its 5 day chip-free claim:)

Yummy411: Thanks:) I try to keep them in good condition for this blog.