Thursday, January 12, 2012

Storage: Nail Polish

Zoya, China Glaze and Color Club

Lately I've been organizing all my stuff and finding better storage solutions for them. Since my last post was storage for my lush soaps I decided to put post this since I just organized my nail polishes a couple of days ago (Plus I'm reviewing some items). I bought these containers from Costco who sells them by the bulk, a 14 pack for $25. And most importantly is they're stackable! Luckily, all my nail polishes fit! I separated them by brand because each brand has their own size and I feel that I'll be utilizing the space efficiently.

I didn't know I had so much OPI! It has its own container. OPI is one of my favorite nail polish brands and I've been buying OPI for years (5+ years). Another favorite is Zoya which I have the least of but I don't feel too bad since I just started using Zoya in 2011.

How do you store your nail polishes?


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