Saturday, January 14, 2012

A break from nail polishes

Ahhh! my nails are stained. Yes, I do use a base coat. I always apply a base coat and top coat. Realistically, nail stains are unavoidable if you paint your nails on a regular basis. I've been painting my nails continuously for 2 months until my sister and cousin told me my nails are stained and that I should give them a break. After that comment I started freaking out because to me it wasn't so noticeable. Here's a pic that I took after that comment. See not bad right? I actually texted this pic to a friend for her opinion.

So I painted my nails and did the Essie and Revlon manicure. Had that on for a couple of days and used the foil method to remove the nail polish because I had three coats of glitter on them. I did notice that they were looking yellow so I took a picture of them with/without flash. Geez what a difference flash does. I look like I have cheese under my nails (the most yellow part were on the tips of my nails). So my nails are undergoing treatment. I'm currently testing one product and a review on its way.
Without Flash
With Flash! Looked like I just ate Cheetos!

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