Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Essie - Fiji

* in natural daylight*

So I greeted 2012 with  Essie - Fiji, one of my favorite colors. Note that I said colors not nail polishes. It has to be one of the hardest to work with but still applies better than Revlon's Peach Petal, which is similar in coloring but has more peach than pink. Streaking and pigmentation are the biggest problem. I applied three coats, actually four on certain areas of the nail if some streaking shows through.

It's a very feminine color that really draws attention. It makes your nails appear longer than it is. It wears fairly nice (as I type this post up it has been three days) and no chipping yet. The reason why I still put up with this nail polish is because who can resist a light pink cream nail polish? Not me!

* in artificial light*


yummy411 said...

your bow ring is tooooooooooooo cute! i have a bigger blingy one that i don't feel right wearing, unless i'm going out. anyhoooo, opi's mod about you is my favorite polish color and fiji is the back up when i can't get my hands on mod about you ... like now.

Distinque said...

The ring is actually loose on me. But yes it is pretty and simple:) Ross! for $12. How awesome is that! I want to get that polish but OPI is expensive and I have $64 left in my nail polish budget.